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Having worked in the Financial Services and Property Industry for well over a decade, we are well placed to give solid, sound advice to buyers and sellers alike. We have an enviable reputation for being able to place cases that others can’t. Oli has extensive experience with a wide range of mortgages as a Mortgage Broker, from your standard purchase or remortgage, to adverse mortgages, Buy to Let and complex cases. 

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Director’s Mortgages

Are you a Director? You may be able to use the profit in the firm for your mortgage. Sometimes even just your latest year’s profit!

Bad Credit Mortgages

Having missed payments, CCJ’s and defaults etc. on your credit report doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over! Find out more here.

Ltd Company BTL

Buying a property in a Ltd Company can have HUGE advantages. Follow us to find out some key points to look at before you invest.

Flexible Approach to Mortgages!

As we are based primarily online, we offer the opportunity to complete your mortgage entirely at your own pace, and at your convenience. All appointments are conducted with a fully qualified and regulated Mortgage Broker by telephone, email or video call if you would prefer. There’s no need to drag yourself out to an office when you can do it from your own desk at a time that suits you. 

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