Additional benefits of General Insurance

General Inurance
Are you aware of the benefits of General Insurance?

Whether you live in a one bedroom flat or a five-bedroom detached house, you’ve worked hard to make your house your home and it’s important to have the correct General Insurance protection in place in case something should go wrong.

Though you might believe the unthinkable would never happen to you, what if it did?

If something were to happen to your home, would you be able to afford moving into some form of housing or temporary accommodation while continuing to pay off your current mortgage? How would you survive financially during such a stressful and emotional time?

There could also be options available to enhance your general insurance policies with some added extras to tailor your cover to suit your personal needs, and to add some real value to your policy. So it might be worth considering your options.

What are some of the additional benefits?

Home Emergency Cover

It’s the middle of winter and your boiler has stopped working, what do you do? Adding Home Emergency Care to your policy can provide you with immediate assistance from professional tradesmen in your time of need. From broken boilers to leaking roofs, Home Emergency Care can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage can cover you from the unexpected and the unintended. It can provide you cover for your building as well as your contents. So, if you’ve spilt some wine on your carpet or knocked over an expensive ornament, Accidental Damage will have you covered.

Personal Possessions

You can also bolster your general insurance with Personal Possessions. This add on is particularly valuable in today’s society as it can cover your personal belongings while you’re out and about. It covers you for anything portable from phones and laptops to jewellery and pedal bikes if they’re lost, damaged or stolen.

Family Legal Protection

Family Legal Protection is designed to help you through what can be difficult and often stressful times. Adding Family Legal Protection to your policy can give you peace of mind knowing that if a legal problem, like Infringement of your Property Rights, Property Damage, Identity Theft or other legal problems do occur, solicitors will be there to support you and give you expert assistance and support.

While this is only a brief overview, there are in fact a number of other additional benefits that you can add to your general insurance policy. It can become quite confusing, which is why using an adviser can be invaluable, we will be able to find you the cover and added benefits that work for you and your personal circumstances and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

At Guild Mortgage Services we are very keen to work with specialists in each field of expertise. Which is why we refer General Insurance queries to referral partners.

If you want to find out more about the additional benefits you can add to your general insurance policy, contact us today.

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