Are you protected for winter?

Winter can bring extra problems such as flooding. Are you protected?

In the build up to the festive season there are always so many things to prepare. But one thing can easily be overlooked… protection. From winter weather to high value items, have you made sure your policies can handle what this season brings?

This time of year, it’s likely you’ll have more high-value items in your house; you might be stocking up on stocking fillers or buying yourself gifts in the countless seasonal sales (no judgement from us). Regardless of the why, there are ways you can make sure your contents insurance is up to the task and avoid a nightmare before Christmas.

Firstly, some insurance providers will offer enhanced cover around religious festivals, such as Christmas and Hanukkah. You can sit back with a cuppa in one hand and your completed gift list in the other, without worrying about presents being damaged or stolen. This cover is not universal, so check your current contents policy and contact us to discuss your options if you would like it.

Secondly, if you have been treated to a gift with a rather large price tag then you should check the single item limit on your contents insurance. Check what value your policy will cover and, if your new item is above the limit, you may want to consider making it a named item. This could increase your monthly premiums, but otherwise the item won’t be fully covered should it need replacing.

Winter Weather

A Government-commissioned review has concluded that potentially tens of thousands of homes in flood-risk areas aren’t protected against flood damage. This protection usually consists of buildings insurance for the property and contents insurance for your belongings. Without this, should you be the victim of flooding you may find yourself facing a hefty bill to replace your valuables and repair your home.

The review also found that although most of the homes investigated had insurance, 6% of the policies didn’t cover flood damage. Whether a provider can omit flood damage cover depends on various factors, such as when the property was built. So, check your policy to see if you’re protected.

Similarly, not all insurance policies cover external buildings, such as sheds. So, if you are concerned about damage to your outbuildings caused by floods or storms, check your cover. You may have to pay extra for this, so speak to us if you want to know more. We will help you figure out your options.

If you’d like to discuss your protection needs, speak to us today.

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