How to move safely during the pandemic

How can you make moving safer during the pandemic?

As more uncertainty looms overhead with the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly worsening once again, the potential for further restrictions is a constant consideration on the minds of many. Restrictions can play havoc with anyone’s plans, but what happens when it comes to moving house? Covid has been around for a while now and we’ve all learned a lot in the process, so we thought we’d put together some top tips for moving house safely during the global pandemic.

Despite the early predictions, the housing market has performed well throughout the pandemic. The various schemes that were put in place to ease any difficulties caused by lockdowns such as the stamp duty holiday led to a boom in the market as buyers sought to take advantage of the potential savings. Now that we’ve lived through nearly two years of this pandemic, what better time to review the best ways to stay safe while moving.

Visitors, viewings and valuations

With one of the first steps of moving house being the valuation process, many faced the hurdle of not being able to enter others’ homes. However, it is possible to do this safely. The usual advice of not shaking hands and remaining socially distant is almost second nature to most by now, but there are additional ways to make a valuation visit safer. Disinfecting commonly touched surfaces is a great way to reduce any risk of transmission. As well as this, opening doors and windows while having all conversations in well ventilated areas can help reduce any risk of spreading the virus significantly. Many of the other formalities that go hand in hand with moving can be completed largely on a remote basis. Viewings are still possible either through taking these precautions or by virtual viewings.

There are measures that you can take to make the move itself safer. Doing much of the packing yourself is a sure-fire way to limit the risk on infection, along with ensuring you use new boxes – especially if anyone in your household is vulnerable. Using previously unused boxes will vastly reduce the risk of them being contaminated.

Of course, it is possible that delays can occur due to the pandemic. Despite nearly two years of experience, there is still plenty of learning and adapting to be done. Regular testing is one of the best ways to ensure your own safety as well as your family’s and other parties involved in the move. If you are looking to move homes and want to know more about how to do so safely and effective, we’re on hand to help in any way we can.

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